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Torimaru specializes in beauty collagen ramen. The highlight of Torimaru, Tori Paitan is the creamy white soup made purely from chicken; the soup is packed with extremely nourishing collagen that is both beneficial to our skin and health.

The creamy white soup is achieved by robust boiling over high temperatures, five kinds of chicken parts including large amounts of chicken feet with five kinds of vegetables for over ten hours. Its signature ramen is topped with sous vide chicken breast cha shu that retains the chicken flavors as well as homemade chicken meatballs that is made of chicken thigh and chicken soft bones for a variance of textures.

Torimaru’s Ramen strictly contains No Pork, No Lard; the essence of pure chicken goodness can be enjoyed in every spoonful of its soup.

Signature: Special Chicken Ramen

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