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Riki Ramen was first established in Tokyo, Japan; they specialize in Jiro-kei ramen with the concept of “Energy boost”. Making to the end of your jiro-kei ramen bowl is an endurance test to many. That’s because when we think of Jiro-kei, we think of Extra Volume.

Riki’s ramen broth is boiled daily over 8 hours to achieve a perfect milky-white broth. A hint of shoyu and fragrant garlic flavors can be significantly spotted in Riki’s ramen soup. The ramen is then heavily topped with vegetables, cha shu and garlic. Finely chopped fresh garlic is a must-have at Riki; it gives the bowl of riki ramen an extra boost of fragrance. Taking the locals’ taste buds into consideration, the ramen at Riki is specially made less oily and salty.

Signature: Chashumen

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