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Don Meijin, directly translates as Rice Bowl Professional. Don Meijin launches with a limited menu with only its best donburi. Short grain Japanese rice is specially imported from Hokkaido, Japan for quality donburi. The rice when cooked is glossy and tender with a more consistent quality. Each donburi is accompanied with pickled cabbage to refresh your palate. The refreshing sweet and sour pickled cabbage makes a great appetizer to its donburi. Don Meijin’s signature dish is its voluminous tendon with homemade sauce.

Every step of preparation is crucial in Don Meijin’s signature tendon. Each signature tendon is topped with asparagus, pumpkin, seasonal fish fillet, egg plant, kakiage and two prawns. Instead of the usual preā€peeled prawns used at most tendon restaurants, our chef prepares his black tiger prawns daily from scratch including deveining them. The kakiage is specially made with 4 kinds of vegetables & 2 kinds of seafood; carrot, onion, pumpkin, edamame, prawn & scallop. Not only the colors are pretty to look at, it contains a bunch of flavors and textures all in one which we expect to be a hit among customers.

Signature: Tendon

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